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A Martial Arts Adventure For Ages 7 +

Latest Release:

A Warrior’s Adventure For Ages 8+

An Environmental Alien Adventure For Ages 8+…

Short Stories For Kids And Grown-Ups

Stories Of Mythical Creatures

And The Power Of Nature

For Ages 10+

Free Book For Kids And Grown-Ups

Inner Peace Guidebooks

Poems For Inner Peace

A Gladiator-Style Story For Teens And Grown-Ups

A Story On Farming And Freedom


Adam is an author from the UK who began his writing career with a blog called InnerPeaceNow.com, helping people to find the peace and power within. His books continue to be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups all over the world, and his book, “A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids – Book 1” recently became an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

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