Bedtime Story Poem About Anxiety, Positivity, Appreciation, Self-Belief, Optimism and Power Of The Mind For Kids and Grown-Ups (Ages 5+) – “Arthur The Anxious Ant” – by Adam Oakley

🎧 Bedtime Story Podcast #27

Audio version:

Arthur The Anxious Ant

Arthur was an anxious ant
And his mind was a mess.
He'd wake up feeling nervous
And fearful of the nest.

While all the other ants would wake,
And wake up feeling great.
Arthur would be worried,
Like there was a mistake.

He'd fret and think and ponder
On things that could go wrong.
While other ants were happy,
And they'd break into song.

All is well all is great,
The day is fresh and new.
And when the day is over,
We are happy and renewed.

But Arthur did not like the songs,
He was caught up in his head.
He was obsessed with bad things,
That could happen in the nest.

He’d think of things that could go wrong,
And soon enough they did.
He filled his mind with worries,
And soon he became sick.

He couldn't move, he couldn't work,
And the ants all gathered round.
And instead of seeing sickness,
The ants made him feel proud.

Every day they'd come to him
And they'd say well done, dear Arthur!
Your mind it can do anything,
And you're showing us your power!

Arthur did not get it,
At least not at all at first.
He felt he was a failure,
And that made him feel worse.

But every day the ants would come
And complement his mind.
They’d say his mind was such a force
It could influence his life

“If thoughts feel bad, then brush them off.”
The ants would come and say.
“You do not have to keep yourself
In pain in any way...

“And if you look for pleasant thoughts,
The ones that feel like peace.
Then these thoughts are the friendly ones
They'll put you on your feet.”

For weeks and weeks it went on,
And Arthur didn't get it.
His thoughts were purely negative,
And he wanted to forget it.

“I want a different way,” he said.
“I want my mind now free.
If there's a better version of me
Then I would like to see!”

And then at once he saw it,
It flashed into his mind.
He saw himself back on his feet
Happy, doing fine.

He was a happy version,
He appreciated things.
He went about his life
Believing he could do all things.

And then he felt his body move,
He felt a burst of life.
And new thoughts then did enter,
Through the space in Arthur's mind.

"I can do all things" he said.
“Success is natural for me.
I like to have my mind set on
The things that work for me...

“This nest is very safe
The ants, they care for me
My life is safe, I am secure
And I can be happy.”

And then, Arthur, up he stood.
The ants around could tell
They looked in his direction
And together they all yelled:

“Arthur is now one of us
With his true self he’s aligned.
And now he sees his power
All begins within his mind!”

And then Arthur he noticed,
The less his thoughts would struggle,
The more his thoughts were positive 
And feeling less like trouble...

His days became more easy,
His energy was high.
And all because the power
Was always in his mind.

Story written and read in English by Adam Oakley, Copyright © Adam Oakley

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