Ninja Bedtime Story For Kids And Grown-Ups (Ages 7+) – A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids Book 1 Chapter 7 – by Adam Oakley, read in English

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Chapter 7 – Infiltration

Ninja Bedtime Story For Kids And Grown-Ups (Ages 7+) - A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids Book 1 Chapt 2 - by Adam Oakley, read in English

Whilst Myasako was running around, through the forest, scanning the perimeter of the Muldridge residence, he noticed a flaw in the property’s defences. High up above him, at the top of the fence, one of the defensive spikes was broken. He looked up and pondered, and wondered what he might do next.

I need rope, he thought, looking around the forest floor.

As he looked around, he heard something. A car. The engine was getting louder as it was being driven up the lane towards the house. Myasako ran towards the sound, as quickly and as silently as he could, dodging trees and jumping over fallen branches and logs, and he saw the Rolls Royce of Jacobson Muldridge approaching the main gate.

Myasako got closer and approached as closely as he could without being seen, as he saw the main gates slowly begin to open. Myasako crouched down on to all fours, like an ape, and in the darkness he managed to sneak in behind the car, and as the car drove forward, in through the gates and past the security office, Myasako ran in behind it and darted off to the side behind the small building. Inside sat a security guard, going back to lazily read his newspaper after standing to attention, alert and saluting at the shiny car that was being driven in through the gates.

Myasako thought for a moment of dealing with the security officer, but he did not want to hurt anyone unnecessarily. He made sure he was absolutely silent, and moved away from the small building, and began running across the floodlit grass towards the house.

His heart was racing as he knew he might be seen, but he had to count on no one looking at the surveillance cameras at that moment. He reached some bushes closer to the house, and he could see through the gaps, Jacobson Muldridge was getting out of the car. It was 3 a.m., and Jacobson was known in town for being nocturnal, doing all of his business during the night, and as the driver and his staff at the door of the house were looking away, paying attention to Jacobson, Myasako darted through the bushes, up to the house, and managed to squeeze in through a small open window.

He was in a grand room. There was a large shiny piano in there, and in the middle, an even larger dining table.

Myasako stepped behind the huge curtains that were drawn to the side of the window he was standing at, and he collected his feelings.

He wasn’t out of breath, but he was intensely alert, he could sense people moving through the house – three people’s footsteps, and soon he could hear Jacobson speaking.

“Go and wake up Pablo, would you?” he said. “I fancy listening to some music while I eat. When will the food be ready?”

“Just five minutes sir, just five minutes,” said a grovelling voice of a low-stooped and withered butler named Ellison.

“Well hurry up, I’m hungry,” Jacobson said. “Where is my boy?”

“Asleep, sir, he is still very tired after his operation.”

Jacobson entered the grand room that Myasako was standing in the corner of.

“I can’t wait until I get my hands on that little Japanese boy that did that to him,” Jacobson said. “Can you imagine that? Kicking my son so hard that he required surgery to fix his stomach? He could have died.”

He sat down at the head of the large dining table. A maid put a napkin in his lap. Jacobson continued speaking.

“They confirmed that they would be coming tomorrow. The mother seemed more keen than the child, but I’m sure they will come. I gave them the promise that Arthur wouldn’t touch that wimp of a boy Martin, and that’s what sealed it for her. You should have seen her face light up at the prospect of Arthur no longer giving the boy any hassle! I can’t wait to bring them both here. They will pay for what they’ve done to my boy.”

At that moment, Arthur appeared at the door. He was being wheeled on a bed by an exhausted-looking maid, and he was eating a giant chocolate bar.

“Dad? Dad I stayed up to wait for you. I demanded I come downstairs to see you. Maid! Get me a drink!”

“You should be sleeping,” Jacobson said, sitting down at the table.

“What did they say? Are they coming?” Arthur said, taking another huge bite from his chocolate bar. “Yes my boy, yes they are.”

Ninja Bedtime Story For Kids And Grown-Ups (Ages 7+)- A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids Book 1 Chapt 2 - by Adam Oakley, read in English

Story written and read by Adam Oakley, Copyright © Adam Oakley

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