Latest Book Release – “The Ninja Chronicles Part 1”

Book 7 in the “A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids” series by Adam Oakley

A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids - Book 7 - The Ninja Chronicles Part 1

Find out what happens when Myasako discovers the ancient book of ninja chronicles, where he learns from past masters and warriors that have lived through great adventures…

Discover the truth about the Lightning Ninja and his anonymous good deeds.

Meet Kuyasaki’s master, Hirozama, as he is forced to take the ninja path at an early age.

See how one girl breaks away from the norms of her society to follow her dreams and discover the true powers that lie within herself…

Meet Henrik The Defender as a young boy, where he teams up with a ninja named Senyara and a dragon named Dengor to fight against an evil force in the forest.

Discover what happens when young Senyara decides to steal from a creature that all others fear, and learn about the ways that true ninjas can develop their strength…

The adventures of The Ninja Chronicles await.

Delve in to them now…
Just click here to order the book on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!


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