The Work Of Ronald Berkley

A Novella On Farming And Freedom

The Work Of Ronald Berkley: A Novella On Farming And Freedom by Adam Oakley, author.

Ronald Berkley has become used to his life on the farm. But somewhere in his mind, he suspects that something is not right. Is it normal to be spraying the crops like this? Is it normal for the soil to seem so overworked and depleted of nutrients? He can not quite remember how farming used to be, before they started spraying, but he suspects it was better than this…

Inhaling some of the toxins he is working with on his farm leads him to find out what has really been going on, what he has been spraying, and what real effect it has on humans. What he later discovers about himself out in the country, beyond the reach of the town, is something he never expected…


Adam is an author from the UK who began his writing career with a blog called, helping people to find the peace and power within. His books continue to be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups all over the world, and his book, “A Tale Of Two Ninja Kids – Book 1” recently became an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

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